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A Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Outside Water Fountain

October 08, 2018

Are you thinking about installing an outdoor water fountain? Although nobody understands exactly how it works, the therapeutic benefits offered by the sound of running water are well-known. Likewise, getting outside comes with a whole set of benefits. Installing an outside water fountain...

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3 Ways To Add Stone To Your Landscape

May 10, 2017

Summer is nearly here! If you are looking to add a unique flair to your outdoor space, consider adding natural stone pieces. Natural stone is stunning and durable, so your decor piece will look pristine for years to come. Include...

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5 Ways To Add Stone Outdoors

April 26, 2017

There are several ways to enhance your home and garden using stone. Natural stone has been called the original building material and will express its timeless beauty in your outdoor environment! Plus, the aesthetic and functional uses of stone will...

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3 Ways To Use Stone In Your Garden

April 17, 2017

April is Garden Month – the perfect time to spruce up your garden decor! Consider adding one of these three stone items to your garden to enhance it.  1. Stepping Stones And Pavers Stepping stones and pavers create walking paths...

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5 Stone Accents For Your Garden

March 15, 2017

Stone accents fit in perfectly with the natural look of a garden. Natural stone is durable, and it will bring beauty to your landscape for many years. There are a variety of ways to add stone to your garden. Take...

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What To Expect During The Custom Stone Fountain Design Process

February 08, 2017

Custom stone fountains are our speciality. The design options are virtually endless. If you can imagine it, we can probably create it!  The photos in this blog are from a project we worked on from start to finish for Pinelawn...

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5 Stone Fountains To Enhance Your Landscape

September 14, 2016

Make your landscape stand out with a one-of-a-kind stone fountain! From small basin fountains to large estate fountains, the design options are endless. Fountains add a soothing sound and relaxing sight to your landscape with flowing water. Check out five...

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3 Gazebo Styles For Your Home

August 24, 2016

Gazebos are a stone treasures that are beautiful and practical. They allow you to relax, sheltered from the hot sun, to enjoy the serenity of your garden as well as shield you from the warm sun. Nothing makes a more...

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3 Landscape Decor Ideas to Enhance Your Garden

August 17, 2016

Is your landscape lacking elegance, charm or personality? Make it go from bland to breathtaking with stone landscape decor. Read about three landscape decor ideas that will enhance your garden: Benches Stone benches are not only timeless, they add a...

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5 Animal Statues For Your Home

August 10, 2016

Animals are a lovely addition to any home, especially when they are handcarved from natural stone! If a real animal is too much work for you, a stone animal statue is the next best thing. Read about five animals for...

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