stone home decor

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Accent your home or office

Accent your home or office with one-of a kind stone decor items. Decorative and functional items from paperweights to marble vases are available in collections and creations.

Our skilled artisans can hand carve a custom home decor piece to match your home. Click ideas gallery for custom design ideas or choose a category below to peruse ready-made home decor creations.

Ideas Gallery

natural stone home decor


See ready-made stone accessory creations

stone candle holders

Candle Holders

Light up your home

See ready-made candle holder creations

ancient jade sculptures

Jade Carvings

Embellish your home

See ready-made jade carving creations

marble urn

Marble Urns

Timeless marble urns polished to perfection

See ready-made marble urn creations

handcarved stone vases

Marble Vases

Bring elegance to your home

See ready-made marble vase creations

stone lamps

Natural Stone Lamps

Brighten up your space

See ready-made marble vase creations

natural stone table


Natural stone tables offer durability and beauty

See ready-made table creations


We believe nothing is impossible with stone. Custom designs are our specialty. Explore our endless design options within these product categories.