Creatively Decorate Your Landscape with Sphere Granite Fountains

If you’ve never heard of or seen a sphere granite fountain, you will almost certainly be impressed when you do finally get to see one. You may be visiting a neighbor’s home, or you may encounter one on the grounds of some public building, but whenever you do see one, it’s not likely you’ll forget the sight. It seems to defy the laws of physics, with a granite ball seemingly suspended above a fountain, rotating hypnotically in place. Of course, there’s a thin film of water between the ball and the fountain, which has been carved perfectly to accommodate the shape of the sphere, and that’s what gives it the gravity-defying appearance. 

You might even be inspired to want to purchase one and install it at your own residence, so you can permanently enjoy the granite water fountain and its rotating sphere whenever you have a mind to. A floating granite ball fountain may not be installed at every residence, but wherever you find granite fountains for sale, you are bound to find at least a few excellent examples of these outstanding outdoor stone fountains for sale. So how can you creatively decorate your own premises with one of these granite water fountains?


Finding a vendor 

While these beautiful granite fountains for outdoors are not sold at every street corner, there are a good number of businesses in this country that do make them available, including Carved Stone Creations of Kaukauna, WI. You may find one which the company has in stock that appeals to you, or you can work with designers on your very own creation, which will be customized to the surroundings of your residence or business. Some customers who have designed their own granite sphere fountains have had an outline of the world etched into the globe, or they have made the globe into a giant golf ball to be installed at the entrance to their golf course.

How many creative ideas can you come up with which involve a globe that spins around in place on its base? If you’re like most people, quite a lot. The designers at Carved Stone Creations will be glad to work with you to translate your idea into a stunning reality which you can put in place on your grounds, to dazzle all your visitors, and to provide yourself with endless hours of mesmerizing fascination. Some people have compared the appeal of a rotating granite sphere on its fountain base, to the hypnotic effect of watching a campfire flicker for hours on end.

What makes a granite sphere fountain work? 

Even though it might look like a physical impossibility, the physics behind a rotating granite sphere fountain is perfectly logical. The rotating sphere, no matter how heavy it is, is actually supported by aqua-planing on a thin film of water. The flow of pressurized water between the ball and its base creates a hydrostatic bearing that generates almost no friction. The efficiency of this support makes it possible for the ball to be rotated easily by the simple process of a human hand spinning it, regardless of the overall weight of the granite ball. 

The sphere is much denser than the water, of course, so it cannot float – it is merely suspended above its base by the thin layer of water, which seems to keep it hovering above the rest of the fountain. It is possible to control the hydraulics of the fountain such that the axis of the ball’s rotation will continually change, thus imparting another mysterious-looking appearance that seemingly defies natural law.

Because the visual appeal of these fountains is so powerful, and they appear to operate according to un-natural physical laws, they have become trendy in a whole slew of locations all around the world. They can be found at shopping malls, golf courses, corporate buildings, tourist destinations, science museums, lobbies, and gardens. 

Giant Granite Sphere fountain

What kind of landscape can sphere granite fountains be installed on? 

The specific type of landscape doesn’t matter a whole lot, although it’s best if the ground is relatively level in the area where you expect to install the fountain. Even if you don’t have a really flat area, though, you can level up whichever side needs boosting with some wood or metal shims that can be placed underneath. It should be relatively dry in the area where you place your granite sphere fountain, so it doesn’t sink into the ground over time. Some of the larger fountains can be very heavy, so they will definitely require some reliable support from the ground beneath the base.

The size of the base for a granite sphere fountain can range anywhere from 12″ all the way up to 6′ if you were to install an extra-large granite sphere fountain. These more significant types are generally installed at corporate venues where there is a vast open area, and where they will be seen by all visitors. Some cities have even installed them in public parks, and in those locales, the granite sphere fountains have often become the most talked-about and most photographed objects in the entire city.  One thing to keep in mind…. If your location is very dusty or sandy (desert areas) – it can make thing difficult for your sphere fountain maintenance.  (As grit or calcium scale that gets in the water or on the sphere can cause the sphere to stop spinning, or only spin in specific directions.)  Therefore, if there are children around, make sure you tell them the edge of the fountain is not the best place to be making “mud pies”!


Contact us about your granite sphere fountain 

Carved Stone Creations is a company that sells granite fountain basins, granite water fountains, and we are also granite fountain suppliers to many businesses around the country. Our products are universally acclaimed for their superior quality, their long-lasting durability, and their uncommon beauty in their surroundings.

We have built up our reputation after many years of supplying the very best materials and the very best granite stone fountains for both commercial uses and for residential use. When you’re ready to have your rotating sphere fountain installed, we hope you’ll contact us before anyone else, because we indeed will go the extra mile to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your new granite stone fountain.