Can granite be repaired?

Yes, granite can be repaired. While it is difficult to permanently repair granite, it is also very difficult to damage it. Repairing granite includes using a mixture of color-matched stone epoxy and ground up granite.

Can my granite fountain stay outside year-round?

Absolutely! Traditionally, stone monuments in Europe and North America were made from marble or granite. Granite is much harder and can withstand centuries of weathering. Granite doesn’t need to be covered or sealed to stay outside year-round. Sealing will provide stain resistance and will further enhance the fountain’s weather-resistant properties, but it isn’t necessary.

Can stone be installed on the interior and exterior of a home?

Yes. We use natural stone that can handle extreme frost/thaw conditions, while being light enough for interior designs.

What are the tightest grout joints I can get with natural stone tiles?

The tightest grout joints you can get depends on the tile. Marble, granite and limestone tiles are usually cut from blocks and are then turned into a tile saw. If produced by a good tile factory, it will have a size variance that allows for 1/16-inch grout joint. Imported slate and other stones, including quartzite and sandstone are usually produced with a size variation that will only allow joints from 1/8-inch to 3/8-inch, depending on the stone and factory.

Is slate a tripping hazard?

In our opinion, no. We have sold a lot of slate flooring and we’ve never had any complaints about people tripping on the cleft areas. We have had some specifiers concerned about it and have decided not to use slate, but for those who went with it, they were always satisfied. One consideration is that there are usually some pieces within a slate shipment that the tile contractor should sort and not install. We always recommend that this instruction be indicated in the project’s stone specifications.

What are suggested products to seal stone?

We strongly suggest you seal your stone investment as it creates a barrier between the stone, dirt and stains. Even if a sealer is used, the stone will not be 100% stain resistant. Any staining agent that comes in contact with the stone should be removed immediately. Sealant and cleaner should be included on every stone order. We sell the Miracle Sealant Company products because they are widely considered the best available. Sealant is easy to apply using a sponge brush, paint brush or roller to spread the sealant evenly over the stone surface. Traffic and use will affect the need to reseal the surface in the future.

What is the best method to clean countertop surfaces?

Clean up spills on your countertops immediately using mild detergent and warm water. Never use acidic or abrasive cleaners. Consider specially formulated products that seal and restore marble and stone.

Why does my granite stain?

Many granite varieties are porous, especially the popular swirl varieties or gneiss, which is a stone typically made of the same material components as granite, only it cools faster in the earth’s crust. The important part is that these stones, with smaller crystals, are more porous than granite varieties with large crystals. Impregnators are needed to reduce staining.

Will granite or marble stain?

Marble and granite are porous materials and will stain if not maintained properly. In some granite varieties, the same porosity that allows for staining also allows for easy stain removal. In most cases, you can prevent stains by wiping up the spill. If a grease, oil, coffee or wine stain is left overnight, the granite or marble will usually darken. Apply a poultice to try pulling the stain from the granite. Marble is easily stained by acidic or oil-based products. If you try to remove the stain yourself and are unsuccessful, please contact us.

How do I care for my stone?

Stone maintenance is similar to wood floors or carpet where routine sweeping or vacuuming is done to remove dirt. Stone surfaces should be resealed when water no longer beads on the surface. The frequency of resealing will depend on traffic and use. Stone, like any other natural product, will age and patina over time adding to its beauty and character.

How will my material be delivered?

Most materials are shipped as a less than truckload delivery, which is a curbside delivery. Lift gate truck or pallet jack deliveries are also available upon request.

Does Carved Stone Creations ship to international locations?

Yes, we ship to international locations. Please contact us and let us know what products you are interested in. Additional freight costs may apply.

What are shipping costs?

Shipping costs are determined by the weight, quantity and destination of the product. Please contact us and share what products you are interested in. Additional freight costs may apply.

How do you accept payment?

We accept cash, check and credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover).

What are your payment terms?

We require full payment before delivery or net 30 terms upon credit approval. All special-order items require 50% down payment before production can begin.

How can I place orders?

It is best to check out our stone studio in-person to see the stone color with your own eyes before ordering. However, if visiting is not possible, you can place an order over the telephone.

Do you install products?

We do not install all products. We install fountains, columns, statuary and fireplace surrounds. We can arrange for installation through your current landscaper or contractor. For flooring material and mosaics, we leave the installation to the professionals in this field.

Will someone come to my job site to take measurements?

For some projects, our stone designers may need to take measurements of your site and suggest installation ideas. Generally, a blueprint or photographs of the existing site are all that is needed.

Do I have to work with a designer or architect?

It is highly encouraged that you work with an architect or interior designer on any project, but it isn’t required. It is easier for a designer to better assess your individual needs with regards to space, light, colors, textures and flow of your overall home environment. We do have on-staff stone designers to assist you with selecting the appropriate stone type for your project.

What should I bring with me to my appointment?

Bring plans, pictures and ideas of items you are interested in.

What are lead times for in-stock items?

All in-stock items are stocked in our warehouse and are available for same-day pick up. If an item is out of stock, it can take 5-14 business days for shipping. For custom carvings and special orders, expect a lead time of about 10 weeks.

Are you open to the public?

Yes, we are open to the public. Appointments are preferred but not required.


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