Flowers That Complement Fountains

Stone fountains are beautiful on their own, but various flowers help make them stand out in your garden or landscape. Whether you have simple or intricate designs, flowers can accent them all. Take a look at flowers that complement different stone fountains:

Tiered Fountains And Tulips

Three tier fountains

tulip flowers for garden fountain

This particular hand-carved three-tier fountain has a planting bed around it, ready for plants to accent its natural beauty. Even if there isn’t a built-in planting bed, flowers can be planted next to it. Tulips are one type of flower that can complement your stone fountain with various colors to choose from. Different stones shimmer various colors in the sunlight, and tulips can make those colors shine together to create a beautiful masterpiece. 

Contemporary Fountain and Petunias

Petunias are a striking flower to complement your handcarved fountain. This self-contained tolken fountain is made from Giallo Fantasia granite. As water gracefully trickles down the sides, petunias rest on top, accenting the granite and showing off the beauty of your stone architecture.

Contemporary fountain

Petunias for garden around fountains

Bubbling Fountains And Roses

Roses flowers

Bubbling fountains

Bubbling fountains already add an artistic feel to any landscape, so when you add flowers to complement them, it makes the view that much more awe-inspiring. Roses are a beautiful flower that can make this handcarved bubbling basalt stone fountain pop. Adding a bright color next to the dark stones accents the fountain and makes it striking. Just be sure that your plantings are far enough away to avoid any direct splashing that may drown anything planted too close.

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Photoshop fountain