Beautiful Marble Fountain Designs

Marble is an exquisite building material. It has been used for centuries for sculptures and carvings. With proper care, marble can be a beautiful material for fountains too.

The naturally softer properties of marble make this material perfect for highly detailed carvings in the stone. If you want a luxurious, one-of-a-kind, intricate fountain in your home, marble may be the perfect material for you. Keep reading to get some design inspiration for a marble fountain for your home.

•    This beautiful white marble wall fountain features intricate scroll details. The classic white marble this fountain is made of sets the stage for the beautiful carvings throughout this piece. ?

White Marble Fountain

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•    This large classical, tiered, pedestal style statue fountain is carved from antique-stained cumulus white marble. This fountain features Neptune, Poseidon and several Mermen (Hippocamp) statues. 

Antique Marble Fountain

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•    This mesmerizing floating sphere fountain is carved from a polished Golden Beige Marble. This fountain features a sphere that floats and spins as the water flows down, creating a truly mesmerizing experience. 

Marble Fountain

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As you can see, marble fountains are breathtaking. If you are considering adding a fountain to your home, but aren’t sure how it will look use our free Photoshop service. Click the link below for more information on how you can see your fountain before you purchase. 

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