Granite Estate Fountains in Winter

We allow our large estate outdoor water fountains to run late into the year… …because we can. Of course, each of our stone fountains is hand-crafted from solid blocks of granite, the most durable natural material available. The following video was taken on Nov. 10th outside our previous Wisconsin design center. As a  true test of our granite outdoor fountains – the prolonged freeze means that layers of icicles have been building up for the past several weeks. Each drop of frozen water adds more weight to the Fountain’s structure but only granite fountains can bear this frozen winter spectacle!  Click here to learn why granite stands up to freezing weather so well!

WARNING: Do not try this with just any fountain! More porous materials like the manufactured cast stone fountains will absorb water before freezing and will develop cracks causing your fountain to fail. We’re always replacing concrete fountains with granite tiered fountains or garden statuary fountains for just this reason – sometimes in as little as 2-5 years.   If you would like to learn more about which kinds of fountains will work in your climate, check out this blog post, or call 1-866-759-1920 to speak directly with one of our fountain designers to discuss the available options for your custom granite outdoor fountain or estate fountain. Carved Stone Creations, Inc. 994 Parkview Road, Green Bay, WI 54304