Helpful Fireplace Mantels Ideas

Your fireplace mantel is more than just a place to hang your Christmas stockings. It is an important part of your fireplace, as well as your home. It is a decorative feature, but also a useful feature. If you have been trying to come up with some creative fireplace mantels ideas, here are some tips to get you started.

  • Decorate your mantel for each holiday and season. Mantels make a great place for hanging Christmas decorations or birthday banners (as long as the banner does not hang over the fire). You can also decorate your mantel for the changing seasons, such as adding dried leaves and pinecones during the fall, and sweet, colorful flowers in the spring.


  • Use your mantel as a place of honor. Instead of having the same items on top of your mantel every day, change the items. When your child brings home a trophy, give it the spotlight on top of the mantel. When you receive an award from work, display it with pride. Changing the items will help give you, your family, and your guests something new to look at every day.


  • Keep it bare. Alternatively, you can keep your mantel bare. This may seem like an odd idea, but a bare mantel will help give your home a sleek, streamlined feel – less clutter, less mess. If you want, you can add only one or two items, such as a family picture, but keep the busyness to a minimum to ensure that the focus is on the beauty of your mantel, rather than the clutter of items on top of it.

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