3 Beautiful Fountain Styles For Your Home

Have beauty surround your garden with a handcarved fountain! Fountains serve as a wonderful addition to any home, not just because they are handcarved from stone and have unique designs, but because there are numerous designs to choose from. Here are three beautiful fountain ideas for your garden or home:

1. Statuary Fountains

The possibilities are endless with statuary fountains! These handcarved fountains add a unique touch to your home because each statue is so different. They can range from dolphins spewing water to majestic greek gods. These intricate and spectacular designs add a special touch that will make your garden stand out from the rest.

Dolphin fountain Statuary Fountain

2. Wall Fountains

Wall fountains are beautiful as well as efficient because they do not take up a lot of room since they sit flush against a wall. The angel wall fountain (left) is handcarved from white marble. Water flows softly from the lion’s mouth into the contoured basin. Another possibility is the classic acanthus-shell wall fountain. Handcarved from Giallo Fantasia granite, the shells and water will make you feel as though you are relaxing on a sandy beach.

Wall fountain Wall fountain

3. Tiered Fountains

Tiered fountains can be the centerpiece of your garden. The three-tiered scalloped fountain (left) is handcarved from charcoal gray granite. The wavy basin details will match any flowers or plants around. If you want a sleeker style fountain, the tiered lotus sphere fountain has a simple, yet exquisite design. 


Tiered Fountain Tiered fountain


Do any of these fountains catch your eye? Do you have a design idea of your own you want to see come to life? Contact us today or or sign up for our free fountain photoshop presentation!


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