5 Mesmerizing Sphere Fountain Designs

Fountains come in all shapes, sizes and colors. One unique fountain design is the floating sphere style fountains. These fountains feature stone spheres that float and move with the water creating a truly mesmerizing display. Below are 5 beautiful sphere fountain designs that we love. 

Marble & Onyx Desktop Fountain

Floating Sphere Fountain

This desktop sized fountain is perfect for your desk at home or in the office. It features a hand-carved marble base and floating onyx sphere. The sound of flowing water creates a relaxing environment wherever you decide to place this unique fountain. Check out the video below to see this fountain in action. 

Take a closer look at this fountain here. 

Pedestal Sphere Fountain

Pedestal Fountain

This pedestal style sphere fountain is stunning. The base is hand-carved from Giallo Fantasia Granite. The sphere is Absolute Black Granite. The contrast between the base and the sphere really makes this fountains stand out. 

View this fountain here. 

Dolphin Fountain

Dolphin Fountain

This whimsical fountain features playful dolphins that circle the fountain’s column. This fountain is topped off with a floating sphere. The base is hand-carved from polished Black Limestone and has an incredible amount of detail. The top finial contrasts with Sunset Red Marble and a sphere carved from the same material. 

Learn more about this fountain here

Tiered Sphere Fountain

Tiered Marble Fountain

This Golden Beige Marble fountain features three tiers topped off with a floating sphere that floats and spins on a floral bowl finial. The water cascades down the finial into the other tiers of the fountain and then re-circulates back up again. 

Take a closer look at this fountain here

Boulder Fountain

Boulder Fountain

The polished Absolute Black Granite sphere floats on top of a natural rustic boulder. The stark contrast between the two materials makes for an eye-catching fountain, perfect for a garden. 

View more details of this fountain here

Floating sphere fountains are great for any size space. Check out more styles here

Custom sizes and sphere fountain styles are available.  Contact Us for more information.  To see your fountain in your space before you purchase, check out the link below. 

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