How a Natural Stone Bathtub is Carved

Natural stone bathtubs can truly be a centerpiece of your bathroom decor and a source of personal enjoyment and relaxation. Our free-standing stone bath tubs offer an unparalleled bathing experience and a unique aesthetic that a traditional tub or shower just can’t match. We can design and carve anything you desire like this beautiful granite tub with a classic egg and dart molding:


Or this tub featuring ornate hand-carved maiden and cherub figures with scrolling waves and shells:


We also design and make contemporary stone tubs such as this exotic mahogany onyx tub with a very modern shape and a stunning wood grain like appearance and warm natural color tones.

onyxtub4 onyxtub3

Or the contemporary that can fit into traditional or modern décor like this rock faced granite tub with an accenting polished lip:


Take a look at our Online Store to see what we have in stock or our Ideas Gallery for some design inspiration for a custom ordered natural stone tub. Wonder how they are actually made though? Notice any seams at on the tubs you see above? Look real hard . No seams at all. Our natural stone tubs are actually carved from a single solid block of natural stone! We want to preserve the inherent beauty and unique patterns formed by the bands and swirls of color, veins, and crystalline deposits that are characteristic of stones like marble and onyx, and putting 2 or 3 seams in our stone bathtubs just didn’t feel like the right thing to do if it meant that you’d see a noticeable change in the pattern on an abrupt seam that runs through such a large object. So how do our sculptors carve large objects like this with such precision? Let’s take a look at the process: First a single block of stone is chosen to carve the tub from and it is cut down to a working dimensional size.


Next our skilled sculptors begin to progressively shape the outside of the bathtub and hollow out the center. By strategically making cuts with a stone saw and using chisels and other hand tools, large sections of stone are broken away until the shape is defined and the center is hollowed out.


As the final form takes shape the wall thickness is checked for consistency and grinders and orbital sanders are used to smooth out the shape of the tub.


After all of the smoothing is done the tub is polished to bring out the true luster and color of the stone.


And there you have it, from a solid block, to a seamless stone bath tub.