How To Maintain Your Stone Fountain?

Warmer weather is here and summer months are approaching! Follow our stone fountain maintenance tips to keep your fountain looking and working great this season. 

Clear Debris

Remove all leaves, twigs and dirt that may have collected in your fountain basins during the winter. Leaving organic matter in the basins can stain the stone and damage the fountain pump.

You should also clear debris from the fountain pump. Pollen, leaves and dirt can collect and clog the pump. To clean it, remove the cover and rinse out the filter. Another way to clear buildup from the pump is to gently scrub away debris with an old toothbrush.

Clean Stone Fountain

Before filling your fountain with water, you should clean its surface. Simply spray it off with a hose and scrub dirty areas with a nylon brush. Spraying off the fountain and scrubbing it down will remove dirt, bird droppings and other remnants from the colder months. 

After cleaning the stone fountain surface, fill the basins with fresh water. 

Replace Water

Depending on your fountain size and if you are treating the water, you may have to replace the water a few times after the initial fountain fill. Replacing the water flushes out dirt and other debris to provide a better flow through the fountain.

Run Your Fountain

The easiest way to keep your fountain in great condition is to keep it running. This keeps the water moving, reducing the chances of buildup and extending the life of your fountain pump because it is turned off and on less often. 

Download our free fountain maintenance checklist to learn more about caring for your fountain!