Information Needed for Requesting a Quote From Us

Have a project that you would like us to quote for you?

The following information and or documentation will help us generate the most accurate quotation possible for your project. Please provide us with the following:

For Architectural Stone Details on the exterior of a home such as window and door surrounds, columns, crown molding, etc:

  • Architectural drawings including elevation, plan, and sectional views of your project.
  • Door and Window Schedules.
  • Section or profile views of all stone trim or surrounds to be quoted.
  • If possible, clearly mark any features of your project that you wish to have quoted in stone so that we have an accurate understanding of which items we should be bidding. This will insure that we are not overbidding your project by quoting for surrounds, columns, or other features that may be wood trim or concrete finished in stucco instead of stone.

For Fireplaces:

  • Firebox opening dimensions.
  • Chimney or wall projection dimensions.
  • Desired Height, Width, and Depth of the fireplace.
  • Desired Hearth dimensions and installation method (flush or raised).
  • Weight that the flooring structure beneath the fireplace is able to support. Although we do design our fireplaces to minimize material and weight as much as possible fireplaces can become very heavy.
  • Maximum Height considerations, especially for features to be mounted above a fireplace such as a TV, artwork or Mirror, and the ceiling height if the fireplace is to have an overmantle.

For Fountains :

  • Location for fountain location on property.
  • Desired height of fountain.
  • Desired diameter of fountain surround if required.
  • Desired number of tiers.
  • Inclusion of additional water features if desired (ex. Spray rings).

We would also like to mention that our expert design staff can create renderings of our proposed design superimposed onto pictures of your landscape or home décor to help you visualize your project design. Not sure what style you are looking for? You can contact us to discuss the project further and we can recommend different options from our vast library of reference images. Our you can check out our Design Ideas Gallery and see if you find something that catches your eye.