Installing a Disappearing Fountain (video)

So you’ve found the perfect fountain for your garden or landscape. Have you thought about how you want it installed?

Are you placing it in a pond or nearby one?

Do you want to (and have the space to) install it in a pool surround?

Would you rather have it stand alone?

Unless you are installing your fountain into an existing water feature such as a pond, many fountains will require some means to capture and recirculate the water that flows from them. Some fountains have a recirculating design, meaning that they were designed with a bottom basin or a lower tier that is large enough to catch any water that cascades from the upper tiers or spitters without it spilling onto the ground. Not all fountains do though, and it’s important to consider how you will be capturing and recirculating that water into the fountain.

Even small spitter fountains such as our Animal Fountains or bubbling fountains require some means of capturing the water they flow. You can aim spitter fountains at a nearby pond feature, but it isn’t advised that you just let them run off into the ground. That would eventually cause flooding or erosion issues. And there’s the space concerns.

Maybe you want to add a fountain to your garden or lawn and you just don’t have the room for a big 8’to 12′ diameter pool surround. Or you would rather keep more of a rustic or natural look to your landscape and would prefer to have your fountain drain into a bed of gravel. If that’s the case, then using a pondless basin for a disappearing fountain installation may be the right answer for you.

A pondless basin is a large high-strength plastic tub that is designed to be buried into the ground and covered with a screening material and a pebble or crushed rock bed that the water can drain though. The water collects into the pondless basin and a pump recirculates it through the fountain. Most pondless basins can support up to 2,000 lbs making them perfect for small to medium sized fountains. We sell a variety of Pondless Basins that we can install for you as well.

A disappearing fountain has a unique look that captures your attention and saves you space at the same time. Your guests will marvel at how the water flows back through your fountain as it simply disappears into the ground. Not only can you install conventional fountains this way, but you can also create a grouping of smaller Bubbling Fountains that will add a subtle yet distinctive water feature to your garden or landscape such as the boulder fountain in the 2nd video you see below. To give you a better understanding of how a disappearing fountain is installed, we’ve created a video showing our crew installing one.

Take a look at this video below too. It shows a group of natural basalt column bubbling fountains installed above a pondless basin.

The stealth disappearing fountain installation takes care of the water and doesn’t detract from the beauty of the natural basalt columns and the water flowing from them.

Need help installing your fountain? Contact us today to see what we can do for you Carved Stone Creations is located in Kaukauna, WI and we are a reasonable drive away from many Midwest metro areas including Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Traverse City, Davenport, Des Moines, St. Louis, Kansas City, Cincinnati, Columbus, etc.

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