Large Basalt Column Fountain Installation

Follow us beginning to end on this wonderful fountain installation project. In this article we will highlight the steps involved in installing a large basalt column fountain; from the very beginning planning stages all the way to the final product.

These homeowners knew they wanted to make a statement in front of their home. Here is the before shot of the empty area where the fountain will be installed.

shot of the empty area where the fountain will be installed
The homeowners wanted to see what the fountain would look like in front of their home. Carved Stone Creations was able to create a Photoshop rendering of this fountain in front of their home. This is what it looked like:

Basalt Fountain Photoshop
Now that the homeowners saw how great the fountain would look like in front of their home, it was time to start the installation process. 

This is what the site looked like before the excavation process started: 

Site Before Excavation
The excavating of the fountain site begins. Crushed gravel is added along with the 4-foot buried fountain basin. 

Excavating Fountain Site
The picture below shows the reinforced concrete form of the fountain footing. Notice the pink rigid foam insulation. This was added to prevent slab movement from repeated freeze and thaw cycles.

Reinforced Concrete Form
Once the form is ready, the concrete is poured. The picture below shows the poured concrete slab. The raised areas in the concrete are where the basalt columns will be placed.

Poured concrete
Then the area around the concrete slab is filled in with the original top soil to make the area level.

Filled in area
A rubber pond liner is placed over the concrete slab and entire splash area of the fountain. It is sloped to drain back into the basin that was installed earlier. 

Rubber Pond Liner
Next the basalt columns and statue piece are carefully placed on the rubber pond liner. The fountain is really starting to take shape now.

Large Basalt Fountain Installed
The final 7-foot tall column is being installed in the picture below. 

Large Basalt Column Fountain Installed
Large, tumbled river pebbles are placed to cover the rubber liner and create a finished look.

River Pebbles Placed
Here is a closer look at the completed fountain. The columns stand tall and really make a statement in front of this home.

Completed Large Basalt Fountain
Outdoor LED lighting was installed around the basalt columns to illuminate them at night. The lights really highlight the beauty of this fountain.

Large Basalt Fountain Lit
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Fountain Photoshop Presentation