Luxurious Landscapes: 5 Examples of Elegant Outdoor Fountains

Frontyard traditional landscape fountain design

Want to create the perfect landscape for your luxury home? Take a look at these examples of elegant outdoor fountains!

With the new year quickly approaching and the holidays behind you, you may be looking for your next big project. If your landscaping could use an upgrade, why not start here? New year, new yard, right?

Of course, there’s more to landscaping than planting trees and making your grass greener. You may also want to make your lawn look more luxurious by installing outdoor fountains.

But don’t just buy any old fountain and call it a day. You want to find the perfect fountain to bring the other design elements of your yard together to look cohesive and elegant.

Are you looking for some design inspiration? Then keep reading to discover 5 luxurious outdoor fountains that will make your lawn stand out.

1. Nature-Inspired Fountains

Do you want to turn your yard into a tranquil paradise? You may have considered adding a koi pond or a waterfall in your pool.

If this sounds familiar, a nature-inspired fountain is the perfect addition to your landscaping. This 2-Tier Egg-Dart fountain features carved leaf details and a carved floral top. Plus, the sound the water makes as it cascades down the tiers is sure to add a natural and tranquil touch.

Nature Inspired Fountains

2. Urn Fountains

Who says you need an intricate fountain to make a statement? Urn fountains bring a simple and elegant touch to any landscaping.

Water shoots from the middle of the urn, giving you extra height and interest to this fountain while the large surrounding bowl completes the picture. If you like to change your landscaping around, this is the perfect fountain for you as it goes well with many different styles.

Urn-shaped large Outdoor Fountain

3. Tiered Fountains

If you really want to wow your neighbors, consider going bigger. Tiered fountains will give your lawn the perfect touch of luxury.

And you don’t have to stop there. You can add sculptures at the base of your tiers or off to the side to add more interest and personalize the fountain to your unique tastes.

Green marble tiered horse lion fountain design

4. Art-Inspired Fountains

What’s more elegant than ancient Greek and Roman art? So why not choose a fountain that reminds you of these time periods?

Of course, you don’t have to replicate a Roman sculpture directly into your fountain. There are many different ways you can achieve this look, such as going with this cherub and lion fountain.

The best part is that it’s wall fountains, meaning it has one flat side to be installed on a wall. So, you can bring it inside for the perfect piece of home decor

Classical Outdoor Fountain

5. Floating Sphere Fountains

Do you want something a modern or on the subtle side? You can still add an elegant touch to your backyard by opting for this floating sphere fountain.

Rose marble is a great option to give your floating sphere fountain a little extra interest. Plus, it’s sure to accentuate any flowers you plant nearby.

Choosing the Best Outdoor Fountains

If you want to give your lawn a makeover, you can’t forget to include outdoor fountains. Just follow our guide to finding the best ones to give your lawn an elegant and luxurious touch.

Are you ready to take the next step? We offer custom design services to give you a truly one-of-a-kind fountain. Contact us today to get started.