Natural Stone Staircase Design and Installation

Carved Stone Creations is capable of designing anything from the simple to the extremely complex for natural stone staircases. When it comes to Helical twist staircases, changing the elevation and direction of the stair railing is difficult to design and dimension for production without some means of visualizing and designing the rail in 3D space.  This is where our Design team and the use of advanced 3D Modeling and Engineering software come into play.  With the design of the staircase this article is featuring, the stair railing took on a radical twist because it changed direction over a shorter height as well.  The arching design of the railing and the half height of the stairs meant we couldn’t simply give our sculptors some 2D elevation drawings and expect an accurate result. helical-twist-gothic-staircase

Using our 3D Design software, we were able to input the curvature of the railing and the beginning and ending height of the rail to simulate exactly how the rail would twist.We created every part in 3D to get the total picture and understand how every piece would fit together allowing us to reduce the potential for extensive fabrication work on site or the possibility of costly mistakes.  From the model we created detailed part drawings for the whole staircase so our sculptors had an accurate set of plans to work from when they carved the intricately detailed complex staircase.We also had them build a mockup wall to insure that all of the finished carved parts would fit together on site without a hitch during the installation.

The full staircase modeled in 3D

The complete staircase modeled with 3D Design software.


A close up view of the important part, the Helical Twist Stair Rail.


The factory builds a mock up of the base wall for the staircase so they can test fit all of the finished parts. This allows the sculptors to make any necessary adjustments to the parts so installation time and the potential for errors are reduced during assembly.


The wooden framework of the base which will be clad in stone.


Cladding is applied to the stair treads and walls.


The railing posts are installed and shimmed to insure proper allignment and spacing while the epoxy sets.


The helical twist rails.


Another view of the finished staircase.

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