Outdoor Fountain Placement Ideas

If you have been dreaming of having a fountain at your home, but you don’t have fountain placement ideas then, this article is for you. Keep reading to get some fountain placement inspiration.

1.Against a wall

If you are tight on space, a wall fountain is perfect. Wall fountains sit against a wall in your garden. They are perfect for accenting your landscaping and plants. They can be simple or very elaborate, so they fit into many different styles.

Check out these examples of wall fountains:

Statuary Wall Fountain Design

front yard focal point

2.Front Yard Focal Point

If you want to make a focal point right when people drive up to your home, a fountain is perfect for that elegant look. Use a fountain as a focal point to your home entrance. This works especially well if you have a round driveway, the fountain fits perfectly in the middle of the driveway. 

3.Garden Focal Point

Lastly, fountains are the perfect architectural piece to design a garden around. Put the fountain in a central location and place plants around it to highlight it. 

Check out these great fountain placement ideas:

Frontyard two tired fountain design for home
Garden Fountain

There you have it three great fountain placement ideas.
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