Outdoor Living and Entertaining

Swept by the gentle breezes and facing an ever-changing landscape, outdoor living spaces add a remarkable touch of nature to our lifestyles. From the sophisticated rooftop terraces of towering high-rises to the graceful verandas of the South, more and more people are slipping outdoors to step onto wide expanses of natural stone.

These breathtaking “rooms” designed for outdoor living range from small intimate retreats to expanses capable of entertaining the masses. Learn how to care for natural stone. With the emergence of grand scale loggia’s and verandas, today’s lavish exterior spaces rival many of their interior counterparts. The style and content of these outside “rooms” depends greatly on the availability of area and the amount of money being allocated to the project. If you plan to invest significantly in this space, you will want to protect this investment by purchasing materials that are going to hold their own against the elements.

Stone is one of the few materials capable of surviving the deteriorating effects of nature while circumventing many of the problems associated with exterior maintenance. Unlike man-made products that must be replaced over time due to damage, sun-fading and normal wear, stone is a permanent fixture that possesses the unique ability to increase in beauty with age.

Article By: Heather E. Adams, Author & Designer Featured in StoneDimensions, published by the Marble Institute of America