Plan for a Custom Stone Kitchen Hood

Searching for just the right style can be challenging, finding the perfect design element to express that “look” can be a major undertaking. When it comes to kitchens, there is one architectural icon that is capable of single-handedly delivering the punch necessary to carry the entire room. That stunning focal point is …the stone vent hood. Nothing will set your stone kitchen apart from the mundane or make a more distinctive statement than a vent hood constructed from stone. Stone Kitchen Hood

Adding remarkable height and scale to the room, their multifaceted character and flair are unparalleled when it comes to defining that specific style. These massive hoods of stone are the perfect complement when it comes to the portrayal of motifs from English Manor and French Country to Mediterranean Villa.With today’s trend of incorporating professional style ranges in private residences, the venting systems are becoming larger and more powerful. Considering the amount of space dedicated to this functional mammoth, it it important that it be attractive.

The task of transforming this practical workhorse into a piece of art may not be as difficult as you may think. Space allocation will play a part in the styles that may be considered. Small rooms with low ceilings are not suitable for the larger models, but with a little ingenuity and clever design, custom vent hoods can be constructed to fit almost any setting. If you are in the process of building, and a vent hood is not featured on your blueprints, speak with your architect or builder right away.

If you are in the midst of redesigning an existing home, sharpen your pencil and get to work. These luxurious architectural wonders are definitely not an afterthought. Your architect or builder will determine ahead of time the placement and size requirements necessary to meet building code. With these specifications in hand and your ideas regarding color and design, you can begin the shopping process. Choices include structures carved from solid stone and custom-built sub-structures clad with stone tile.

Vent hoods and stone kitchen sinks of solid stone are extremely heavy , but their hand-carved detail and velvety shadows reflect an authentic natural beauty. Ornate corbels frequently grace either side, creating the illusion that the massive structure rests upon them. Choosing a substantial hood such as this dictates that its location be one of primary focus. It may become necessary to reinforce the wall, ensuring that it is capable of handling the excessive weight associated with a structure of this magnitude. Custom build hoods consist of a substructure overlaid with stone tiles. Costs are often less than a carved or pre-fabricated hood and cladding a custom made form allows for greater lattitude in size, shape, color and texture. When creating these one-of-a-kind vent hoods, consider pulling the same tile up from the counter top or splash to give the area a more cohesive appearance.

To spark interest, try altering the pattern of the tiles. For example, if you are using 4×4 tumbled marble on your splash in a diagonal pattern, place the same 4×4 tile on the hood in a square or staggered fashion for an eye-catching contrast. Decorative trims used on the splash may be pulled up and utilized as a border along the base portion of the hood itself. If the idea of a large stone feature in your kitchen appeals to you, but a towering vent hood seems overpowering, consider the traditional hearth and mantel motif. To create this look, recess the range into its own nook, and frame the opening with a carved “surround”. Flank the two sides with large scrolling corbels and cap the structure with a thick crown-molding shelf. This layout offers the space to display a special piece of artwork, a collection of novel sculptures, or even a pair of small topiaries.

Article By: Heather E. Adams, Author & Designer Featured in StoneDimensions, published by the Marble Institute of America