Plants That Work Well With Stone Landscaping

As the weather gets warmer, it’s the perfect time to add stone architecture and colorful plants to your landscaping! Gazebos, fountains and landscape decor are beautiful additions to any home. Different plants can also accent various architectural pieces. Here are three different plants and landscaping designs that work well together:


Gazebos add life and character to any home or garden. The Corinthian gazebo is handcarved from solid granite and has six unique columns. It features beautiful scroll work, griffins and floral design motifs. Although this gazebo looks stunning on its own, there are a number of plants that can make your gazebo stand out from the rest. One recommendation for a splash of color around your stone gazebo are tulips. These flowers can be found in various bright and vibrant colors and are one of the easiest flowers to grow. They do an excellent job of accenting the stone architecture and making it pop.

Giallo Granite Gazebo


You can never go wrong with a stone fountain. The beautiful handcarved designs and the sound of trickling water is not only elegant but also extremely peaceful. The classic three tiered fountains come in a variety of different stones and intricate designs, ranging from scalloped fountains to other styles such as a bronze fountain with birds

Adding flowers, such as roses, make a stunning addition to these stone fountains. Planting multi-colored flowers can also give stone fountains an elegant look. 

Granite Fountain

Landscape Decor

We offer a variety of stunning landscape decor. The different designs can go in any direction you choose, ranging from marble elephants to Japanese-style lanterns. The possibilities are endless and we let your imagination run wild! One recommendation for your home and garden is a handcarved stone lion surrounded with purple perennial lupines. The splash of color makes your stone decor stand out and adds an artistic touch to your garden.  

Stone Lion

Are you interested in incorporating stone architecture to your home or garden? Contact us today! We can make your vision a reality.