Pondless Water Feature Installation

Pondless water feature fountains are a wonderful addition to any landscape. They don’t require a visible pond or basin, but instead recirculates water through a hidden basin. The tranquil sound of water trickling down the fountain is relaxing as well as elegant. The process of installing a pondless water feature fountain is not as difficult as you may think when you have Carved Stone Creations at your side. We divide the process into a number of steps that are easy to follow and completed in a timely manner. The project we’re highlighting was one done in less than a day. We arrived for installation in the morning and were finished by the afternoon. Here are the steps to our pondless water feature fountain installation process:

First, you pick the location of where you want your beautiful pondless water feature to be installed. We begin by digging a hole for the basin to sit in. The hole has to be wide and deep enough to hold the vast supply of water. 

fountain installation

Once the hole for the pondless water feature is dug, we make sure the base of the hole is flat to ensure the basin sits level. After this is completed, we place the pondless basin into the hole. The basin and the pump get installed along with the base of the outdoor fountain. 

pondless basin

Then, we drape the outdoor granite fountain in a rubber fabric. The fabric is then spread out over the area of the fountain. The purpose of the fabric is to catch the overflowing water from the three-tiered outdoor granite fountain. 


Once these steps are completed, a lift is used to place the first tier of the fountain onto the base. This is a very important step to ensure that the tier is placed level onto the granite base.  To check for level, fill the bowl with water. Once water begins to flow over the scalloped edges, check to see that the water flows over all sides evenly.  This can be adjusted by placing rigid plastic shims under the side where there is greatest water flow. This should be completed for each tier.



Once all of the tiers are put together, we turn on the fountain and let the water run for a while. This allows us to test the fountain to make sure the pondless basin returned the water correctly and everything is going according to plan. 


After the fountain is tested, we begin the next step of adding stones around the fountain’s base to hide the rubber fabric. Once we finish this step, the intricate fountain is ready to use and show! As seen in the picture below, this was our completed project. Not only is the architecture of the three-tiered fountain beautiful, it adds elegance to the landscape! There are many benefits of pondless water fountains, such as saving space from creating a pond and minimal maintenance requirements. The beauty and the benefits of pondless water fountains make it difficult to turn one down for your own home. 

Are you interested in a pondless water feature installation for your home? Contact us today!