Jade Carvings

Since pre-historic times, Chinese culture has embraced and revered Jade as a precious stone with higher social status then gold or silver. Jade is a unique stone known for its unique color, semi-transparency, and hardness. Jade is an exceptional stone for carving allowing skilled sculptors to extract incredible fine details from the stone. Some are able to carve open recesses and links of chain out of a single stone or carve it thin enough to be transparent if the stone has enough transparency to being with.

Jade has been used for sculptures, furniture, decorative accessories, vases, jewelry, and even weapons, and jade burial suits. The Imperial Family, high-ranking officials, scholars, and the rich have placed a high value on jade throughout history. Jade is also believed to possess healing qualities and is often worn as an amulet never to be taken off.

Our jade carvings are excellent representations of the quality of the stone and the artisan skill required in making them. They are hand carved by Chinese sculptors whose knowledge and skills have been passed down for generations. These carvings are sure to be something you will marvel at and cherish for a lifetime.

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