Brass Fountain Nozzles

While most traditional fountains create a pleasing visual display and a soothing sound with their water flow, sometimes you want to take it up a notch and create a really stunning display with the water spray from the fountain. Adding a specialized jet nozzle or a spray ring can accomplish this. We offer 3 different types of brass nozzles that can really make your fountain stand out.

A spray ring can add a spectacular accent to your fountain by encircling the fountain with a halo of spraying water that can be aimed towards the fountain with multiple streams of water. The arching curves of the spray really draw your eye path into the fountain as a whole and the effect of the water catching the light is a spectacular sight to behold.

Our adjustable brass nozzles come in several diameters and feature a threaded base to attach them to the spray ring and a threaded collar which allows you to set the angle and direction of the water stream. You can create a simple or dramatic accent to your fountain according to the number of nozzles you use. This level independent nozzle has its jet above the surface of the water. If the water level drops, the water stream is unaffected. The water stream is typically less turbulent with this type of brass nozzles requiring less pump power. The pattern with this type of nozzle is defined by the jet orientation and not surface wave action within the pool. These nozzles are better for large interactive fountains as well as fountain applications requiring a precise stream of water such as spitting fountains.

We also offer brass Serac nozzles. These nozzles create a jet spray which produces a frothy column of water. This level dependent nozzle has its jet below the surface of the water. If the water level drops, the cascade will produce a taller, thinner pattern. Thus to maintain a consistent effect, the water level must remain constant. This is typically accomplished by using an autofill unit in the fountain pool with a dedicated water line and an overflow. Level dependent fountain nozzles also require more pump horsepower.

An aerator nozzle creates a spray that is similar to a Serac nozzle but it has a thicker, white and frothy spray pattern that is caused by the allowing air to be injected into the water stream and thrown into the air to create this unique effect. These nozzles do not require a fixed water level to achieve a consistent visual display.

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