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12′ Dia x 14″ tall Cypress Pool Surround Cabo Sands Granite

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Weight 3600 lbs


This 12′ diameter x 14″ tall Cypress Pool Surround is meant to be used with a 54″ Diameter 3-Tier Scalloped Fountain or 60″ Diameter Urn Fountain.  Carved of Honed Cabo Sands granite, it is a light beigey color when dry, or a medium beigey color with swirls of black / rose colors reminiscent of marble, but in a stone that can stand up to any climate.

Please see the photos at the left to see what this stone looks like when wet vs dry.  

  • If you like the dry / lighter color of the stone, and want it to stay that way even when it’s raining or the fountain is running, you would seal it with a product called Miracle 511 Impregnator Sealer.
  • Or, if you like the darker color of the stone when it’s wet, and want it to stay that way (even in winter when the fountain is not running), you’d seal it with something called Miracle 511 Seal Enhance Sealer.
  • Or, if you don’t care that it’s a chameleon stone, and changes color wet to dry, you don’t have to seal it at all.