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3-Tier Deep Relief Fountain, D60″ x H108″, Golden Cypress Granite

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Weight 4252 lbs


This beautiful hand-carved Deep Relief Fountain would be a wonderful addition to any landscape.  This large fountain features deep relief leaf carvings and a classic Egg and Dart motif on the rim.  Carved of natural stone, this classic 3-tier Granite Fountain is carved out of Golden Cypress Granite, which has a top finial from which water bubbles and cascades to the three tiered bowls below.   This large fountain is perfect for use as an estate fountain, courtyard fountain, motor court fountain, arrival fountain, etc…

  • Centerpiece only
  • Dimensions: 60″ Dia. x 108″ H.
  • Material: Golden Cypress Granite
  • Pump is not included – as pump size will depend on how the fountain is set up.
  • Check out this Blog Post to learn more about why a GRANITE fountain is better than other more porous stones, and can essentially last FOREVER!
  • Height of bottom basin:  45″, so a minimum of a 12′ pool surround is recommended for this fountain. 

Please Note:

  • Photo is representative of the typical carving details on this fountain. Each hand carved fountain is a little different than the next based on the artisan that carved it.
  • Variations in the natural stone can exhibit unique veining and coloration.  So, you can be assured that no one in the world will have one EXACTLY like yours!
  • Also, if this color of granite doesn’t work well with your surroundings, we also have other colors of this type of fountain here: Deep Relief Fountains
  • Keep in mind though, that natural stone is typically a lighter color when it’s dry vs a darker/more vibrant color when it’s wet. 
    • Check the sample page photos, noted in the material heading above, to see what this granite looks like wet vs dry.
    • If you like the lighter color, you can seal it with a product called Miracle 511 Porous Plus, to keep it that way for several years, and also make it easier to clean if algae – dirt get on it. 
    • Or, if you like the darker version of the color, you would seal it with a product called Miracle 511 Seal/Enhance – to keep it that color for several years (until the sealer wears off.)