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8FT Copper Spray Ring, 1-1/2 Dia with 50 x 3/8 Adjustable Brass Nozzles

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Weight 300 lbs


8FT Copper Spray Ring, 1-1/2″ Dia with 50 x 3/8″ Adjustable Brass Nozzles. 2 of 1 1/2″ water feed inputs. Ring ships in two halves with couplers for connecting in the field. 3 stand legs cut to length for 12″ water depth unless specified otherwise.

(On one of these rings, the 3/8″ nozzles are already installed – so cannot change nozzle count on this ring, but do have (1) ring ready to put nozzles into it, so can have however many (or whatever size) nozzles you want soldered into it – and price will be adjusted accordingly)