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Bethesda Angel Fountain, Charcoal Grey w/o Pool Surround

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This fountain was inspired by the Bethesda Terrace angel fountain in Central Park. The fountain depicts an angel touching down on the pool of Bethesda to give it healing powers, as described in the Gospel of John. Hand-carved from natural stone, this Charcoal Grey Granite fountain has a unique Octagonal base surrounded by columns beneath the octagonal lower bowl, a pedestal encircled by Cherub figure carvings, and the Bethesda angel statue perched above a second bowl. Water cascades from the upper bowl and into the lower bowl where it trickles out from the corners of the bowl and into the basin. The Octagon surround shown is not included, but can be purchased here.
.   Please contact CSC for more details on the pump needed/etc.


Centerpiece Dimensions: 52.5″ W x 52.5″ L x 113″ H