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Boy with Thorn Tiered Fountain, D30″ x H72″ Bianco Catalina Granite

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Weight 1000 lbs


Looking to add some classical elegance to your landscape or formal garden area. This Boy with Thorn is a traditional granite fountain, hand-carved of natural Bianco Catalina Granite.  This classical 3-tier look is an ideal addition for any garden fountain, entry fountain, patio fountain, etc…

This 3-tiered Granite fountain is a tribute to classic Roman sculpture. The subject matter of the “Boy With Thorn” statue is believed to be the Roman messenger boy, Marcius, who despite having a thorn in his foot, braved the pain to deliver his important message. Water flows from beneath the statue and over the bowl to cascade into the 2 tiers below. 

Here is a video of a similar Boy with Thorn Fountain (carved of Giallo Fantasia Granite) set up as a disappearing fountain, and running over a 4′ Pondless Basin (under the rocks):