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Heron On Base (Left) with Plants

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Bless your home or garden with this Heron statue, a Chinese symbol of good fortune. As a pair, herons are also a symbol of fidelity because they remain loyal to their mates for life. Give this bird a partner by ordering this Heron as well. A pair of Herons would look great at the entrance to your garden or driveway. This bronze statue is beautifully enhanced with patinas and polishing to add color and visual contrast.

This statue can also be used as a spitting fountain. The mouth of the heron includes an open tube that can spray water. However a water pump is not included. Contact CSC for pump size and installation recommendations. We recommend installing a pondless basin if you plan on using this fountain in your garden.

Dimensions: 48″ L x 29″ W x 65″ H”