Large Stone Atlas With Stainless Globe, Giallo Fantasia

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Lift the weight of the world off of your shoulders with this statue! Hand-carved from natural stone, this Giallo Fantasia Granite statue features Atlas, the Titan from Greek Mythology, holding up the world on his shoulders as his punishment from Zeus. This powerful looking statue has intricate carved detail and includes an 8 ft. Diameter Stainless Steel globe.

This stunning statue also makes a great center piece to an outdoor courtyard fountain. See the picture below of the statue installed outside of our showroom. We placed it at the center of a large 2 tier fountain surround and added 4 spitting fish fountains in the corners.

Dimensions: 8′-6″ H statue with 8′ dia globe

16′ – 6″ overall height

Love the statue but want it in a different stone or size? We can make you a custom statue in any stone and size you desire. Click request a quote to fill out some information regarding you requirements and we can give you a quote for making a custom statue. Please allow for 14-16 weeks for production time and delivery on custom orders.