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Octagonal Pedestal Fountain Set – Golden Cypress

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Weight 3900 lbs


Check out this Old World type French Well Head Pedestal Fountain with (4) 9″ copper spitter spouts and octagonal fountain pool surround. The whole set is carved of Golden Cypress Granite to last for generations in any climate, but has a slightly rough / bush hammered finish to give the impression that it’s been weathered and set in place for several years – so therefore it’ll be harder to tell for the casual observer that it’s not actually carved of the “typical” limestone of that specific “old world” time period. (Since the limestone of those days won’t last for the long term in much of our nations climates – but at least with this granite set – you wouldn’t have to worry about those freeze/thaw damage issues.)

There is also a void under the pedestal itself (with a stone door), which you could hide your pump behind (so people won’t be able to see it in your pool.)

Dimensions are: 20″ diameter x 66″ tall on the pedestal itself, and 95″ diameter (corner to corner) or 87 3/4″ (flat to flat) on the Octagon Shape of the Pool Surround x 15″ tall.

Here is a video of this fountain running: