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Pan & Syrinx Classical Statue, Honed Bianco Puro

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Mythology lovers will appreciate this tribute to Greek Mythology and Classic sculpture. Hand-carved from natural stone, this Bianco Puro Marble statue depicts the Greek God Pan attempting to abduct the wood nymph Syrinx. The myth of Pan and Syrinx is that Pan was obsessed with the wood nymph Syrinx, and gave chase to her one day. When she felt that escaping him was impossible, she prayed to the Gods for help and they answered her prayer by turning her into reeds on the band of a river. While Pan was morning her loss, the wind blew through the reeds and made a musical sound. He cut the reeds into 7 pieces and joined them together to make them into a musical instrument named the Syrinx after her. This statue features intricate details in the hair, cloth, and features of the figures. Dimensions: 24″ L x 44″ W x 48″ H