Timeless Designs in Natural Stone

Capturing Timeless Design Details in Natural Stone Timeless Designs in Natural StoneThere is a little bit of world traveler in us all, yearning to visit far away places and experience the mystery of distant lands. Actually touching and feeling the landmarks we’ve only read about in history books, connecting with the spirits of centuries past. Some of us will make those distant journeys, others may only get as far as the next town, but wherever we go and whatever we do, one of the first places we’ll hasten to visit is somewhere that the architecture distinguishes itself from the ordinary. From quaint cottages tucked away in historic villages to the grand castles of Europe, these places all hold one thing in common… architectural accents in stone. Fortunately for those of us that long to live with these authentic architectural features each and every day, we have endless options at our disposal with which to create a distinctive home built to withstand the test of time. Ornate details in natural stone once relegated to public buildings, Ivy League Universities and the homes of the rich and famous are now ours to enjoy. From stately columns and courtyard fountains to massive fireplaces and grand staircases, the average homeowner can now surround themselves with elegance, luxury and the everlasting beauty that natural stone offers. Article By: Heather E. Adams, Author & Designer Featured in StoneDimensions, published by the Marble Institute of America