Update Your Boring Bathroom with a Real Hand-Carved Stone Tub

Home renovations are an investment in your future. They allow you to make changes that reflect who you are, not just what other people think of as “the right thing.” When renovating any space – including bathrooms and kitchens- consider these factors: How does it make me feel when I walk through this door? Do my comfort levels affect where/what type of fixtures hang on the walls or sit atop cabinets? Would another person enjoy living within these four-footed boundaries? If so, then maybe rethink those plans before going forward with them!

Stone bathtubs are a one-of-a-kind alternative to standard porcelain tubs. This bathtub will bring warmth back into our homes by filling them up just enough so we can enjoy bathing without feeling overwhelmed from humidity or sweating under hot lights after exercising outside all day long during summertime! Compared to standard bathtubs and showers, free-standing stone bathtubs have a unique design.


Process of Making a Stone Bathtub:

The process of making a stone bathtub is time-consuming and labor-intensive. The process is comprised of the following steps:

The first step in making this hand-carved tub is selecting the stone to be carved.
After selection, the stone is cut down into a dimensional size that is manageable for the carvers.
The center of the tub is hollowed out, and the outside of the tub is shaped first.
Stone saw, and chisels are used for cutting, shaping, and breaking the stone into a defined shape.
Now, when the shape of a tub is roughly formed, the thickness of the walls is checked. Grinders and Orbital sanders are used to smooth out the tub’s shape.
Finally, the tub is polished to bring out the color and luster of the stone.

The care and delicacy maintained during the process results in a magnificent, bright, and smooth hand-carved bathtub.

How to Manage Overflowing Water in This Tub:

If you are worried about the overflow of water in this tub, we have a solution. Although water rarely overflows, you can get a surface-applied overflow drain if you are leery about such a situation, or if your building inspector says it MUST have an overflow drain before he’d give you an occupancy permit for your home.

Surface applied overflow drain:

It is a 20-inch-long drain that is adjustable up to 26 inches. It can be inserted on the backside of the stone tub.

An overflow drain is there to ensure that the water in your bathtub doesn’t overflow onto your floor if you forget and leave the tap running. It’ll also maintain a consistent water level if you leave the hot tap running while you are in the tub – to keep it warm.

Special deep pop-up drain:

You can also use a pop-up drain for this purpose. It is a Push button style drain assembly that Fits 1-5/8″ drain connections. It is 6-13/16″ in height and 2-3/4″ in width. This drain has an aperture that works ‘without overflow.’

A pop-up drain assembly is a drain that allows you to lock your drain and keep water in it by simply pushing on it to close and open it. Pop-up drains are available in two different styles: Apertures “with overflow” or “without overflow.” (“With overflow” can only be used in a sink or tub specially set up to allow for that within the drain & structure of the tub.) 

Tub Fillers:

You will have plenty of tub filling options other than a faucet with this hand-carved tub.

The first one is Mermaid Tub Filler, hand-carved of natural Beige Venato Marble. A stunning mermaid statue stands on a natural stone finished coral base with polished soft coral and crab embellishments and dispenses water from a seashell in this marble fountain.

You can also use a Goddess of the Pool Tub Filler. The goddess will fill your hot tub, pool, bathtub, or pond with water. It could potentially be built as a water-circulating fountain. This light oriental travertine fountain is adorned with a stunning hand-carved goddess.

These timeless tub fillers will surely make your hand-carved tub more attractive and classic. Or, if you have any other ideas for special order designs for your own custom tub filler, we would love to be able to make your dream a reality!  

We are not just shaping our homes but also who we want to be. Our renovations should reflect this idea and consider your comfort level with the space and what kind of impression it will give off when visitors come over for dinner or an upcoming party