Using Stone in Landscapes

Natural stone is the original building material, expressing its timeless beauty in your outdoor environment. Natural stone is often imitated but never truly duplicated. The aesthetic and functional use of stone can also boost the value of your property.

You will immediately feel at peace in your own garden sanctuary with the gentle splashing of one of our quality hand-carved garden statuary fountains, angel and cherub statues or any of our custom rock fountains.

Enjoy the calming sounds of your granite tiered fountain while entertaining guests on your patio. Dramatically enhance your landscape with a large granite estate fountain. Return home at night greeted by your luxurious lighted water fountain.

Contact us to create that perfect piece to complete your outdoor retreat.

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Stone Pool PaversEntertain guests on those cool nights beside your custom carved stone outdoor fireplace complemented by custom stone pavers.

Or maybe you prefer to practice Zen meditation with Buddha statues for your home garden or a unique floating sphere stone fountain. Let the stress melt away as you watch the solid granite ball spin effortlessly on a thin film of water.

We understand that you appreciate the finer things in life and that is what has brought you here.

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