Ways to Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel

A beautiful stone fireplace looks great without any decorations, but with the addition of a few key pieces you can make your mantel really stand out. The fireplace mantel is the perfect place to add your own personal touch and truly make it yours. This article explains few fun ways to decorate your mantel. 

1. Holiday or Seasonal Decorations

From stockings at Christmas to banners and balloons for birthday parties, the mantel is the perfect place for holiday decorations.  Some ideas for different seasons and holiday decorations are listed below: 

  • Garland at Christmas time
  • Pumpkins and dried leaves in the fall 
  • Colorful flowers in the spring

2. Candles

The top of the mantle is the perfect place to add in some decorative candles that match the décor of your room. Depending on the type or size of the candle you get, you can even add in some unique candle holders to hold the candles. See the picture below for some inspiration. 

Fireplace mantel decorations

3. Awards

Use the mantel as a place to display special awards. If your child receives a trophy, put it on the mantel to really make it special. Receive a special award at work? Display it on the mantel for all to see. Change out the awards as you receive them to keep it interesting. 

4. Photos

The top of a mantel is a great place to display pictures. Whether they are family pictures or pictures of a beautiful landscape, they are sure to accent the mantel beautifully. 

Fireplace Mantel Decorations?

5. Leave it Bare

Of course there is always the option of leaving the mantel bare. If you are going for a modern, streamlined look and feel this is the best option for you. By keeping the mantel bare, you leave the focus on the beautiful stone mantel, not the items on top of it. 

No matter your preference or style, one thing is certain: a stone fireplace mantel is sure to add beauty to your home. 

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