Why should you use Granite Fountains rather than cast stone or other types?

Why Should you use Granite Fountains?

If you live in the northern climates or an area with a freeze/thaw cycle, there is one large reason to use granite fountains or natural stone fountains. It’s a lot easier on you over the years, not having to disassemble your fountain to store it indoors over the winter, or worry about covering it so water doesn’t sit in the basin, or trying to fill/fix cracks that occur as you do with a concrete/cast stone or limestone fountain like this one.

Limestone fountain used in an inappropriate season

DrawBacks of Limestone 

In warmer locations, limestone fountains like that shown above can be used with no appreciable ill effects for a fairly long time. That being said, granite still may be a better choice for you, as stones like limestone and sandstone inherently do not last as long as granite. It will also be based on the porosity of the stone itself, and how it will eventually wear away with the damage from the elements.

Our granite fountains can remain outdoors year-round to give you the inherent beauty of your fountain, even if it’s not actually running during the really cold part of the year.

Granit Fountain in winter season

As you can see, we keep our fountains running deep into the Wisconsin winters, and it results in some spectacular ice formations with no harm to the fountain itself!

Granite Fountain full of ice

Winter Weatherizing your Natural Stone Fountain is easy!

1. Just take the pump out of it, and drain/clean it so it’s ready for next years to use.
2. Drain your basin(s) and take the plugs out of them.
3. Depending on the kind of stone you have, you can either seal it whenever it needs it (typically once every year or two) or, you can just let it remain natural. (Sealing helps keep stains from occurring if you are in an area with high chemical concentrations in your water or natural elements like clay that could stain the stone.)

It’s that easy for you to have an object of beauty that will last for generations!

The only hard part will be deciding who to “will” your fountain to when the time comes…

So please contact us, so we can help you design a fountain to fit your budget, your decor, your style, and your life!