3 Stone Pathway Designs

Stone pathways are timeless in their beauty and function. They are a charming way of leading one to a garden, stone gazebo or home. They can also be used for driveways, patios or walkways. Learn about three stone pathway designs for your home:

1. Pebbles

If you want to accent your water features or pathways, pebbles are your answer. They are natural stones that have been tumbled smooth with a polished finish. The polish finish keeps them shining like stars in the night sky. Pebbles can also be used for your planting bed to accent your flowers and landscaping.  

Stone Pebbles

2. Stepping Stone

Enjoy every step you take as you prance through your landscaping on beautiful stepping stones! If you love turtles or simply want a tropical feel, our turtle stepping stones are a perfect addition to your landscaping. These stones will accent the pathway toward your beautiful pond oasis.

Turtle Stepping Stone

3. Stone Pavers

Feel elegant each time you use your backyard patio or driveway with stone pavers! Pavers offer a classic, old-world feel. They make an ordinary driveway look stunning and offer years of beauty. The driveway project below used granite cobblestone pavers with tumbled Giallo Fantasia Y granite. Use stone pavers on your driveway to make it stand out from others.

Stone Pavers Granite Cobblestone Paver

If you are interested in stone pathways for your home, contact us today! We have many beautiful options.