5 Benefits Of Stone Flooring

Are you thinking of refreshing your home’s look with new flooring? Consider adding natural stone flooring to your home. Stone has been used as flooring for centuries. Many ancient buildings have natural stone flooring. There are many reasons why stone has been a top flooring choice for years. Learn about the benefits of stone flooring:

1. Durable

Stone flooring is durable. It can stand up to spills and high traffic, making it ideal for kitchens, hallways and bathrooms. Stone is naturally moisture and stain resistant, unlike wood flooring. Even though the initial investment for stone flooring may cost more than carpet or vinyl flooring, it will last longer.

Stone flooring

2. Easy To Clean

Messes on stone floors can easily be vacuumed or wiped up. Unlike carpets, stone flooring doesn’t hold allergens, making it great for people who suffer from allergies.

3. Temperature Control

Stone flooring is great for controlling the temperature in your home. Stone can keep a room cool, which is perfect for those who live in warm climates. For those who experience cold winter months, there are a variety of heated stone floor options available. Stone holds heat, so heated floors may help heat the whole room. Rugs are another option to make a room with stone floors feel cozier.

Stone flooring

4. Adds Value To Your Home

Stone is a coveted flooring type. If you choose to install stone flooring in your home, you will increase the home’s value. 

5. Unique

Stone gives you endless options for your flooring. There are a large range of colors to choose from. Every stone tile is unique! Stone tiles can also be arranged in many different patterns. View some pattern ideas here.

Stone tile flooring?

Are you ready to add a stone floor to your home? Please contact us. We’ll help you through the process from initial design to installation.