Why Granite Is The Best Stone For Outdoor Fountains

If you are considering installing a fountain in your landscape this summer, you should take the material into consideration. While there are many stone types offered for fountains, granite is the best option.

Granite fountain ?

Granite Fountains

Granite is one of the most durable stones. The only substance harder than granite is diamond. Unlike other stone types, granite does not have a porous surface that traps water. Water trapped in porous stones can cause the stone fountain to crack and crumble as the water freezes and thaws.

You can enjoy the beauty of a granite fountain year round because they don’t need to be covered up in the winter. Since granite is durable, your granite fountain won’t get damaged by harsh winter weather.

Granite is also easy to care for. You can use diluted acid solutions to effortlessly clean up algae stains and hard water deposits on your fountain without damaging the stone. A granite fountain will stay in pristine condition for decades.

Other Natural Stone Fountains

Other natural stones like limestone, travertine, marble, cantera and sandstone can be used for fountains, too. However, these stone types are less durable than granite and can wear down faster. Limestone, travertine, marble, cantera and sandstone aren’t as dense as granite and will crumble and crack if they stay outdoors during freezing temperatures.

Cast Stone Fountains

Cast stone is a man-made material comprised of limestone cement, pigments and crushed stone. The cement mixture is poured into a mold to make it look like a handcarved, natural stone fountain.

Many people choose cast stone fountains for their landscape because of their similar look to natural stone fountains and lower price tags. However, many people who purchase cast stone fountains end up disappointed because the fountain deteriorates quickly.

Eventually, water will seep into the porous cement and expand, causing the fountain to fall apart. Cast stone fountains have been known to start deteriorating after only one to three seasons, actually making the cost of a granite fountain more economical over time.

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