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2-Tier Cherub Statue Fountain

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Weight 195 lbs


Two angelic cherubs grace the interior basin of this 2 tier bronze statuary fountain. The basin and pedestal base are accentuated with classic beading, egg and dart detailing, acanthus style leaves and various bronze patinas.

Dimensions: 34″ Dia. x 71″ H

Water pump not included. Contact CSC for pump size and installation recommendations.

Since the lowest tier is 41″ AFF, if you install this centerpiece in a pool, and intend to push water over edge of the lowest / largest tier, you should be using a minimum 9′ Diameter pool Surround to catch all of it’s splashes (since it’ll have a 92″ splash diameter on a calm/non-windy day.) Or, a 10′ pool surround would catch more splashes if wind is pushing the water falling off the centerpiece around.